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The Cushing House Museum

This week, we have Chinese students visiting from Shanghai Jiao-Tong University. Yesterday, we had planned to take them to Newburyport for shopping and whale watching, but the water was too rough to go out on the ocean. Since I don’t particularly enjoy shopping, I decided to tour the Cushing House Museum with two classmates.
The Cushing House is a Federal-style house built in 1808. I can’t tell the difference between “Federal” and “Georgian” architecture, but they have different names. Anyway, our tour guide was a wonderful storyteller – it was like listening to someone talk about their own family history. Captain John Newmarch Cushing, a sea captain, bought the house in 1818 from the widow of another sea captain. There is a portrait of Captain Cushing in the front parlor, where his cheeks are very sunburned, and his forehead is white where his captain’s hat would have protected his skin from the sun. At some point, Captain Cushing remarried, and his second wife banned Captain Cushin…