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Jack of all trades or master of one

This is an old post I never published.

When I was considering switching jobs, I talked to a mentor through Venture for America and she distilled a lot of what I was thinking into a coherent idea.

She asked what I saw myself doing in the future and what my goals were, and I told her some of my goals: to work in product development at a big sporting goods company, to get my MBA at MIT, to work at a venture capital firm, to start my own company, to learn how to code (I WILL learn how to use APIs before next year), to be an author on a patent, to stop biting my nails, to through-hike the Appalachian Trail, to visit ANYWHERE outside the United States (I studied abroad in England, and that was my one experience outside the US), to move to Denver where one of my close friends lives, to move to Seattle, to move to Austin, to finish a marathon, to race at the Head of the Charles, to race at USRowing Club Nationals, and on and on, and at the end, I said, "I know I can do all of these--well…

Did you go to college?

Hi! I am excited this week because I got into MIT! I was accepted into the Leaders for Global Operations program, through which I will earn my MBA and my SM in mechanical engineering.
In news of funny retail customers, a customer accused me of not having a college degree during my shift at my part-time job last weekend. I’m going to be charitable and assume it was all a misunderstanding. ;) The confusion started when the customer commented that I must be bored organizing the clearance rounder by price order, and that it would be easier if they marked everything 25% off instead.* “Oh, I’m not bored. This is my fun job. The prices are determined by the computer. I think they have a program that looks at supply and demand to identify a price that will attract the most buyers.”