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Visiting Iceland in winter

I just returned from a weeklong trip to Iceland – in winter! It was an amazing trip, full of outdoor adventure. At some point, I want to return in the summer. The outdoor activities vary so much between seasons, that a summer trip to Iceland would be a completely different experience.
    If you’ve been hankering to visit the land of fire and ice, I’d recommend booking a trip now, as WOW Air has cheap fares, and the exchange rate is only about half as painful as it was before the financial crash. (One man’s economic calamity is another’s opportunity for tourism, I suppose.) It’s a very easy international trip from the US, as there are tours for everything, everyone speaks English, and everywhere takes cards. (Watch the exchange rate, though!) In addition, Icelanders we met were friendly, and several went out of their way to help us the few times we needed it.
    Every day, I wrote my family and friends emails about our activities for the day. I’ve reprinted them below and added a…