Petits essais

Google Translate informs me that "Petits essais" means "Little essays" in French.

I received a seven-and-a-half inch red Moleskin notebook in a gift bag at a conference I attended for work, and the blog about morning habits I posted last week suggested writing first thing in the morning every day, so I've been journaling petits essais this week.

Here are some of them:

Utah sauce
In Utah, they serve ketchup and mayo mixed together and call it "Utah sauce".

(Okay, some of these essays are only one sentence long. Sue me!)

Idiot Abroad
On "An Idiot Abroad", Ricky Gervais sent his friend Karl, the titular "idiot", on a bus tour to see the Great Wall of China, but the lady next to him on the bus closed the curtain right when they were passing the Wall. "I didn't want to see it, anyway," groused Karl. Later, when the bus let everyone off to view the Wall up close, Karl remained unimpressed. "They should call it the 'All Right Wall of China'."

Is Karl an idiot or a comic with deadpan (i.e., earnest) delivery? When griping about the lack of doors on public toilet stalls, Karl noted a chef taking food orders from inside the restroom. "Don't order the Number Two," Ricky Gervais quipped. "Or the King Poo chicken!" retorted Karl.

Dreaded Druid Hills
My race was slow. I held back in the beginning to save my energy for the hills to come. At the end, I got outsprinted by two 12-year-old twerps. I tried to hold them off -- "Oh, hell no! These sandbaggers won't beat me!" -- but the second boy nudged me at the line. I ran through and puked, and the two boys and their friends said, "Gross!" and "That was nasty!"

(PS Thanks, Falls Road Running, for a fun race and a sweet premium t-shirt!)

On Saturday, I was one point behind the leader in our IAAF Track and Field World Championships pool, with a strong chance to win. (Edit: I lost by one point.) I emailed my mom to brag, and she responded, "Wait, so it's not about actually winning the race, but guessing who the winners will be? LOL." My mom can throw some harsh shade!

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