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Petits essais

Google Translate informs me that "Petits essais" means "Little essays" in French.

I received a seven-and-a-half inch red Moleskin notebook in a gift bag at a conference I attended for work, and the blog about morning habits I posted last week suggested writing first thing in the morning every day, so I've been journaling petits essais this week.

Here are some of them:

Utah sauce
In Utah, they serve ketchup and mayo mixed together and call it "Utah sauce".

Post-vacation blues

My sophomore year at Alabama, I suffered a year-long depression. When I transferred to Johns Hopkins and my mood didn't improve, I made an appointment at Student Health. I told the doctor about my anxiety and the lump in my throat I felt when I woke each morning. She recommended the campus counseling center and gave me a card with the address, but before I left, she asked, "Are you on birth control?"