Zola Jesus concert

I'm so happy I was able to see Zola Jesus at Ottobar in Baltimore on Wednesday night.

The concert was fantastic. I first heard Zola on Sirius XM Alt Nation this summer. She's an opera-trained indielectronic songstress from Wisconsin, and her third EP, Taiga, came out this past October.

Starlight Natives opened, followed by Blacksage, who walked right into the crowd and started singing, a wide circle of fans forming around her.

Zola Jesus didn't perform any of her hits (Dangerous Days, Go), opting to play guest, Deradoorian's, set, complete with live-recorded back beats. Watching Zola record Deradoorian's drumming and loop it live was like watching "How It's Made". It felt like we were getting a sneak peek at the process.

Here are pictures from City Paper.

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