A team like Nixie

While I was looking up Wristify, my coworker showed me this video of the Nixie drone. Nixie starts as a bracelet, but as soon as you throw your arm up, it opens up into a quad-copter with an attached camera. The camera knows where you are and snaps a photo from mid-flight before returning to you like a boomerang.

Silly? Maybe. Cool? Definitely!

I want to work on a cool project, like Nixie, with a great team. I always have, and I'm fortunate that I get to do that every day at work now.

For a long time, I was hesitant to tell people that I wanted to be part of a team of smart people. I found that admitting I wanted to be a team player attracted people who wanted to take advantage of my weakness. Admitting to being a team player was asking for the menial tasks and late-night projects that no one else wanted. It was asking to be put in the race where the team needed me, not the race I could win.

At some point, I recognized this as a problem of poor management.

Now that I'm finally working on a great team, where people trust each other to put in their best effort, where people assume honest intentions and prevent and resolve conflict through effective communication, I understand the desire to contribute to a team to build something great is a strength, not a weakness. I'm proud that I get to contribute to great projects, and I hope I get the chance to help build the next big Nixie.


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