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Michael Young on the meritocracy myth

Here's a quote from a Guardian opinion written by Michael Young, author of 1958's The Rise of Meritocracy. His dystopia is strangely akin to the current startup culture, no? And if education and credentials are the mark of a "meritorious" individual, then why wouldn't people pay exorbitant tuition rates if they can afford it? And as for the people left behind, well, they weren't meritorious enough.

Philly's music scene is awesome

I'm planning to visit friends in Philadelphia soon, so I decided to look up what concerts are coming up there. Just this weekend alone, you can see country star Jerrod Niemann, Walk the Moon of "Anna Sun" fame, Fitz and the Tantrums, or J. Roddy Walston and the Business. (I listened to J. Roddy Walston's Lollapalooza set live on the radio, and I recommend checking it out. Really great audience banter and solid piano pounding rock.)

A team like Nixie

While I was looking up Wristify, my coworker showed me this video of the Nixie drone. Nixie starts as a bracelet, but as soon as you throw your arm up, it opens up into a quad-copter with an attached camera. The camera knows where you are and snaps a photo from mid-flight before returning to you like a boomerang.

Silly? Maybe. Cool? Definitely!

I want to work on a cool project, like Nixie, with a great team. I always have, and I'm fortunate that I get to do that every day at work now.