How not to change your blog CMS

Last week, I decided to upgrade from Blogger to Wordpress.

I chose Blogger originally for its ease-of-use and the handy Google+ integration, but now I'm leaving for the same reasons. I want to customize my blog's design more than Blogger will allow, and I've got auto-posts set up with Twitter and Facebook, so I'd like to use the same format with my Google+ auto-posts.

Anyway, when I decided to switch to Wordpress, I posted the blog publicly while I was still in the midst of designing, which meant I've been showing this plain-jane layout all week:

Next time, I'm setting up Wordpress using a temporary domain (look for a how-to coming soon) so I have time to pretty up the layout, and you won't see my undressed blog before she's ready!

EDITED: Reading through old posts and came across this. I'm currently still hosted on Blogger. I switched back because Wordpress wasn't customizable. At the time of the original switch, Google was phasing out support for Blogger, but I've seen a lot of user-friendly changes recently, so maybe they've done an about-face, as well?


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