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You can send money via Gmail now!

According to Quartz, "In May 2013, Google soft-launched a straightforward scheme for sending money to other people. It lets you connect Gmail with a Google Wallet account and send money to a friend for free (from a linked bank account) or for a small fee (from a credit card).

While the service has been available since last summer to anyone who had a Google Wallet account or had already been sent money via Gmail, Google now seems to be starting to push it out to the broader public. (The company declined to comment for this article; in May it said the rollout would happen “over the next 18 months.”)"

Active decision-making

On Saturday night, I had a conversation with my friend about staying in Baltimore after graduating from Johns Hopkins. We both love Baltimore, but we agreed that, if we had to choose, we'd prioritize building our dream careers over staying in Charm City. (Fortunately for me, I think I've got the best of both worlds at my current job.) However, we've noticed that some of our classmates resent being "stuck" in Baltimore after graduation.
My friend and I got to talking about times we've felt resentful in the past, and we decided a lot of resentment starts with a passive mindset, rather than an active one.