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In honor of Thanksgiving, I present a quote from this interview with local (international?) running celebrity Keith Straw. Keith, an ultramarathoner, runs all his races in a pink tutu!
"I am not mentally strong. I'm not even mildly driven. But I have a few techniques that help me through the journey. One is to simply thank the ground that I am running on. It supports me at every step, and it greets me unconditionally." --Keith StrawRead the article here.

We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming

I really like this song. Jubel by Klingande.

Formal feedback

Three months in, performance reviews have become a topic of interest among 2013 Venture for America fellows. (Venture for America fellows are hired for two years to work "in the trenches" at startups across the country. You can read more about the program and my startup here.)

I am fortunate to work at a small company that values direct communication. My four coworkers and I constantly solicit feedback from each other. However, successful performance review systems vary with company culture and size. We want to anticipate changes as Graphene Frontiers matures.
With my first one-on-one formal performance review approaching, I researched three unique performance review systems.